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Advertisers banners installation

Advertisers banner installation on your website sets the necessary tools on your website to display on your web pages and sidebars

Banners are set to be displayed for a period of time and a reminder is sent to the advertiser so that they can renew their advertiser term.

You control who advertise on your website.

Advertisers contribute bringing dynamism to your website improving users comfort and navigation experience

 You should also purchase advertisers banners upload

Price: $59.00

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Advertisers’ banners uploads

Advertiser’s banners uploads is a per banner service fee for uploading an advertiser banner to your website

Generate residual income making your website work

Offer dynamism to your website users and alternatives with advertiser’s banners while you generate the income

(You must have Advertiser’s banners installation before purchasing uploads)

Order now with the Coupon Code: Sidebar Banners upload (offer valid until March 31st, 2018)

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Price: from $11.00

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Chat module

Serve your website users with a direct chat and increase sales and return on your investment.

A chat module on your website increases user’s confidence in the products or services offered on your website.

A chat module allows you to assist your users and guide them to a closing action

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Price: $60.00

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E-commerce integration (one time fee)

Sell products or services online

Display images of your products or describe your service

Selling advantages of each product or service individually

Collect online and deposit straight to your account

Control your inventory

Easy price management

Seamless e-commerce integration

Paypal integration

Store front

Products pages

Check out and submission forms

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Combination of product variants is not available

Price: from $249.00

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Large website design

Large website design is a sophisticated and powerful website that can eloquently and effectively present any kind of organization or project.

Large website design is ideal for large agencies, religious organizations, e-commerce stores and medium to large businesses

The perfect channel to enhance and publically distribute data and information helpful to promote your business through social and mass media, it delivers accordingly the image and attracts the right amount and type of users helping to convert them into clients

Increase sales, increase your organization’s image, get more followers and expand your business with a Large website design

A Large website design is a powerful marketing tool that your organization shouldn’t be without if it plans to communicate a large amount of products or information to followers, customers or employees.

Let’s get your plan marketing plan rolling with the reliability of a powerful website on your side.

Reach the audience you need to sustain the growth of your organization, meet your sales targets using website optimization.

Get the visitors on the same day of the publication of your website with the help of our website marketing strategies

Your Large website might be your best channel for growth.

Order now with a partial deposit

Order now or call 416-262-7139 for more information


  • Up to 30 web pages design
  • Domain name registration 1 domain name ($35.00 annual renewal)
  • Hosting
  • Search box
  • Favicon
  • Contact forms
  • 5 Domain email accounts
  • Sitemap

Price: $1,899.00

CA: $1,399.00
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Medium website design

Medium website design with modern applications amazing design and friendly capabilities gives you the power to present the image of your organization to the world

Medium website design works great for small and growing businesses, religious organizations, diverse agencies, financial institutions, shops looking to attract clients to their locations.

Protect your budget and increase your marketing efforts with our Medium website design. It will help your organization increase sales and keep real-time control of your online marketing campaigns.

Medium website design is a good decision and excellent channel to have to expand your reach and increase the popularity of your organization using social media tools and other ways of marketing.

Reach the audience you want and increase your organization’s popularity, increase sales using website optimization.

A Medium website might be your best channel for growth.

Order now!


Up to 10 pages

Domain name search and registration

1 domain name ($35.00 annual renewal)

Web hosting

Search box


Contact form

2 email addresses


Price: $999.00

CA: $499.00
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