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The following are some of the extra products and application that we offer for you.

More products and services may be available upon request.

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Advertise on

If you offer residential renovations, financial services or real estate and related services, including real estate agents, insurance brokers, painters, furniture and appliances, lawyers, gardeners, roofers, plumbers advertise here and increase your return on investment

Exposure to 600+ subscribed users that can see your ad and get interested in your product or service

Banner-link exposure on two newsletters sent bi-weekly

Priority recommendation to my clients personally delivering 15 of your business cards

Choice of term for your banner exposure on my high local traffic website

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Price: from $150.00

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Advertisers banners installation

Advertisers banner installation on your website sets the necessary tools on your website to display on your web pages and sidebars

Banners are set to be displayed for a period of time and a reminder is sent to the advertiser so that they can renew their advertiser term.

You control who advertise on your website.

Advertisers contribute bringing dynamism to your website improving users comfort and navigation experience

 You should also purchase advertisers banners upload

Price: $59.00

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Advertisers’ banners uploads

Advertiser's banners uploads is a per banner service fee for uploading an advertiser banner to your website

Generate residual income making your website work

Offer dynamism to your website users and alternatives with advertiser's banners while you generate the income

(You must have Advertiser's banners installation before purchasing uploads)

Order now with the Coupon Code: Sidebar Banners upload (offer valid until March 31st, 2018)

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Price: from $11.00

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Bing Ads account management per $100.00

Bing Ads account management

Generate leads

Generate sales or conversions

Create brand awareness

Get the fastest and most effective way to get qualified traffic and customers to your website now!


Additional DescriptionMore Details

Targeted online advertising right when the buyers are looking for your product or service

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Old Price: from $225.00

Price: from $220.00

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Chat module

Serve your website users with a direct chat and increase sales and return on your investment.

A chat module on your website increases user's confidence in the products or services offered on your website.

A chat module allows you to assist your users and guide them to a closing action

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Price: $60.00

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Domain name & hosting

Domain name & hosting purchase or renewal

Domain name and hosting for one year,  whether is the purchase of a domain or renewing your existing domain of  website hosted with us.

This is a unique advantage we offer to our clients when you have your website designed maintained and optimized by Optiweb Canada

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Only for websites that are hosted, optimized and maintained by Optiweb Canada 1 year website hosting included 2 domain name emails

Price: $35.00

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