Attracting the wrong clientele

Attracting The Wrong Client

Attracting the wrong clientele.

Attracting The Wrong ClienteleWhen looking to attract new clientele, some with their advertising efforts may find themselves attracting the wrong clientele, to some businesses this might be okay, however, to others it is a waste of time and resources. Here we will analyze the importance of attracting the right clientele by observing some effects when attracting the wrong clientele. The intention is to remind the advertiser to target the right market.

We will analyze effects experienced by a real estate agent, a home inspector and an insurance broker, (real cases study) 


real estate agent that specializes in selling homes in certain area of a city where he/she has proven to be successful at selling properties in about a week after listing it, may not be as successful at selling a property located on the opposite side of the city, considering that to offer a sounded advice, he/she needs to gather and study extra and updated information regarding the territory, this process will consume some extra time and will use additional costly resources in advanced with the intention of selling the property. And, because the process is longer than the usual time that this real estate agent normally uses, the real estate agent will sell fewer properties in the same time, he/she will also increase the marketing and researching costs, lowering the earnings, unless, this is a property with a significantly higher selling price and commission.

A home inspector that does not specify a service area where it is cost effective for him to provide his services, will have inquiries from homeowners that may be far from his area, increasing the driving time and related costs, reducing profits derived from that service; He considered an increase to the price of the home inspection service, resulting in the loss of the business due to a higher service price compared to what is available in the area.

An insurance broker using pay per click advertising, and spending her advertising budget on that but failing to be specific on the type of insurance she offers is attracting users inquiring for car insurance when what she offers is life insurance.

The cost of attracting the wrong clientele is measured differently in every case, but it is worth considering to make the right efforts to avoid attracting the wrong clientele. The way to do that is with the correct optimization of the marketing efforts, we refer specifically to the optimization of your website. It is crucial to understand the market that the advertiser is looking for.

Many people know this, yet fail to act on it, due to many reasons, including, lack of time, lack of knowledge, or both.

On a website, is not only possible to target the right clientele but it is also very effective with website optimization

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